SFES RO 150 w TankThe SFES RO-150 is designed to meet the high water quality standards demanded by specialty water-fed low-flow foodservice equipment such as steamers, proofers, rack and deck ovens. Water containing high amounts of dissolved solids and hardness adversely affects the operation and life of water-fed equipment, especially in high temperature environments where water is evaporated. Mineral scale deposits dramatically increase maintenance costs and downtime, while decreasing equipment life due to corrosion.

Although the HydroBlend™ / ScaleStick™ water treatment line has proven effective in greatly reducing mineral scale deposits and corrosion in foodservice equipment, very poor water quality often dictates the use of Reverse Osmosis to provide the highest water quality available for proper equipment operation. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane allowing water to pass while rejecting dissolved minerals, chemicals, microorganisms, and unpleasant tastes and odors.

In most applications, the SFES RO 150 will completely eliminate mineral scale deposits, as the system is capable of removing 98% of dissolved minerals that cause scaling. Its unique design incorporates the latest technology in a compact package, that utilizes standard membrane and prefilter replacements dramatically reducing maintenance expense when compared with other competitor’s offerings.

♦ Steamers & Combination Ovens
♦ Proof Boxes
♦ Deck & Rack Ovens
♦ Espresso / Cappuccino Machines
♦ Misting Systems
  Scale Prevention & Corrosion Control Resulting In:
♦ Reduced Equipment Maintenance Costs
♦ Reduced Equipment Downtime
♦ Increased Equipment Life
♦ Decreased Operating Costs


Versatile & Economical – Incorporates standard housings and filter components dramatically reducing periodic maintenance expenses. Converts to 20” pre-filtration in turbid water applications. Various storage tank sizes available (20 gallon standard).

Effective Performance – Incorporation of booster and permeate pump ensures excellent performance even in low inlet pressure applications. Design guarantees lowest product water / waste water ratio possible. ScaleStick™ insert inside carbon block prefilter extends membrane life and improves performance. Post Neutralization Cartridge balances pH and TDS allowing proper operation of level-sensing probes.

User Friendly – Small footprint and design allows for wall mounting or stand-alone operation. System includes inlet/outlet ball valves, built in bypass, and installation hardware. Open design facilitates servicing.


RO Dimensions 18”h x 15”w x 9.25” d RO Dimensions
Production 150 gpd / 6.25 gph
Filter requirements (1) SD-510 / 5 Micron Sediment Filter
(1) CB-10 / Carbon Block Filter
(1) CB-10SS / Carbon Block w/ ScaleStick™ Insert.
(1) NC-8 / Post Neutralizing Cartridge
(1) M-150 / RO Membrane
Electrical 24 volt 2 amp transformer / 115v 60Hz*
Storage Tank (standard) 20 gallon (13 gallon draw down)*
Tank Dimensions 16”d x 33”h
*Note – Other electric configurations & Tank storage capacities available upon request.

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