Corrosion Control

As well as preventing scale build up in plumbing and water fed equipment, HydroBlend also provides corrosion protection. It accomplishes this by combining with certain dissolved minerals and forming a microfilm coating on the insides of pipes and water fed equipment. This microfilm does not build up on itself as it is continually being removed and replaced.

This microfilm protects from corrosion caused by low pH (acidic) water and dissolved gases present in water supplies.

In high water temperature equipment such as boilers, steamers, combi-ovens, etc., dissolved gases can be released from the water potentially causing corrosion problems in the piping or equipment. HydroBlend offers protection in this type of equipment.

Often in residential applications, well water can be aggressive in nature. This is usually caused by a low pH of the water making it corrosive to copper plumbing and fixtures. This type of water problem is marked by blue/green stains in the sinks and tubs caused by the aggressive water dissolving the copper piping. When HydroBlend is added to the water, it combines with dissolved minerals in the water and forms a microfilm protection layer on the insides of plumbing.

The more dissolved minerals are found in the water, the better HydroBlend performs corrosion control. However, in most low pH (acidic) water, there are few dissolved minerals present. Ideally, in residential applications, a minimum of 3 grains of hardness is needed in order for HydroBlend to be effective. In applications where the water contains less than 3 grains, the effectiveness of the product decreases. Below 3 grains, in some cases it’s effectiveness is satisfactory, in others marginal.

In residential applications where acidic water with less than 3 grains of hardness exists, an acid neutralizer must be used in front of the HydroBlend. In traditional water treatment, the use of acid neutralizers require that a softener be used after the neuatralizer. This is not needed since the HydroBlend will counter the hardness added by the neutralizer as well as provide corrosion control. The decision to use HydroBlend alone or in conjunction with an acid neutralizer is based on application, pH, hardness level, and TDS. Please contact SFES if there is any question as to whether HydroBlend will provide adequate corrosion control.

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