Iron & Manganese Staining Control

As well as preventing scale and corrosion in plumbing and water fed equipment, HydroBlend also controls staining caused by water supplies containing iron & manganese.

Water supplies containing iron & manganese cause red-brown staining on any surfaces the water comes in contact with. This includes bath tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and outside walls & side walks. Iron and manganese in water supplies are found in two main states: 1) Dissolved (clear water iron in solution) 2) Undissolved (red water iron out of solution). Most iron & manganese are found in the dissolved state. This means that the iron & manganese are in solution and the water appears clear when drawn from a fixture. HydroBlend will control staining of iron & manganese found in solution. Water which contains iron & manganese which has partially oxidized and come out of solution will discolor the water making it appear red or cloudy. HydroBlend is not effective on iron & manganese found out of solution.

Iron & manganese found in solution will remain in that state until exposed to an oxidizing agent (oxygen, chlorine, etc.). Once exposed to air, the iron & manganese will precipitate out of solution and deposit as a red-brown stain (rust). This is why although the water appears clear when drawn, it will gradually begin to stain any surface it comes in contact with. The higher the iron & manganese content, the more staining occurs.

When introduced into the water supply, HydroBlend sequesters (binds with and ties up) the iron & manganese found in solution and keeps it in solution, not allowing it to oxidize and precipitate out of solution, and thus cause staining. Although it helps in controlling staining, HydroBlend does not remove the iron & manganese found in water supplies.

In commercial/residential irrigation applications, iron & manganese staining on building walls and sidewalks can be controlled using HydroBlend. The larger units are capable of handling the high flow rates and large water volumes associated with irrigation applications. Using HydroBlend will significantly reduce staining in irrigation applications.

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