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Southeastern Filtration & Equipment SystemsSince 1986, SFES has offered a variety of water treatment products that have earned an excellent reputation in the water treatment industry.  SFES custom manufactures water treatment products for OEMs across many different industries specializing in the prevention of mineral scale deposits from hard water.

SFES manufactures HydroBlend™ & ScaleStick™, the premier anti-scale & corrosion products used in the foodservice industry, as well as AquaPrime™ and Microlene Foodservice Water Treatment Systems.


SFES also custom manufactures water treatment systems based on specialized equipment or process needs.  SFES products benefit many water-fed equipment including:

♦ Steamers ♦ Booster Heaters ♦ Dish Machines
♦ Combination Ovens ♦ Ice Machines ♦ Beverage Equipment
♦ Deck & Rack Ovens ♦ Coffee, Tea, & Espresso ♦ Vending Equipment
♦ Water Heaters ♦ Boilers ♦ Cooling Towers
♦ Reverse Osmosis ♦ Misting Systems ♦ Air Strippers
♦ Whole Home ♦ Tankless Water Heaters ♦ Corrosion Control

SFES is located in Canton, Georgia (north of Atlanta).

Southeastern Filtration & Equipment Systems • 158 Railroad Street • Canton, GA 30114 • (770) 720-2800 • US (800) 935-8500

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