First impressions go a long way. Having a table set with clean wares is a good way to set that first impression for customers.

Dish machines spray hot water along with chemicals to remove food from dishes. The fact that heated water is being sprayed encourages the formation of scale. Scale build-up decreases the life and efficiency of dish machines. As the water is being sprayed inside the machine, one can expect that scale will form everywhere as well as causing problems from plugged nozzles to sticking mechanical parts.

Booster heaters are hot water fed and are placed prior to the dish machine. Booster Heaters are fed 140°F water and boosts it up to 180°F for proper sanitation.

SFES Warewash Systems are installed on the hot water line feeding the booster heater and dish machine.

When applying HydroBlend​® on booster heaters and dish machines, the results may vary depending on the water hardness, alkalinity, and other water characteristics. Since booster heaters maintain water pressure, one can expect elimination of lime scale inside the booster heater. In dish machines where the water is being released from pressure, expect a dramatic reduction in the amount of lime scale formation. Any precipitation of minerals inside the dish machine will be powdery as opposed to hard mineral scale and can be cleaned much easier without the need for deliming.

As HydroBlend​® shows some wetting agent capacity, it may help with some spotting issues. However, spotting will relate to other factors beyond HydroBlend’s control.


Mineral scale build up responsible for increased maintenance is reduced or eliminated in the booster heater and dish machine.

Proper rinse temperatures are reached allowing for important sanitation.

Energy efficiency of the booster heater / dish machine are increased while reducing costly service calls.


SFES Warewash Systems utilize HydroBlend™ , effectively controlling mineral scale deposits in plumbing systems and water-fed equipment. HydroBlend™ is specifically formulated to work in high-temperature / high-hardness environments providing unparalleled mineral scale prevention and corrosion control.

SFES Warewash Systems utilize high temp/pressure translucent filter housings that are rated 160°F for placement on the hot water line feeding the booster heater. This allows a simple glance at the housing to determine when the ScaleStick® cartridge is depleted.

SFES Warewash systems are offered in three cartridge sizes best suited for the size and type of dish machine.


For use on Under-Counter, Door Style Dish Machines in low usage applications.


For use on Door Style and Conveyor Dish Machines in average usage applications.


For use on Conveyor and Flight-Type Dish Machines in high usage applications.