Preventing and Eliminating scale build up in commercial water fed equipment.

Most water supplies contain certain amounts of dissolved minerals. Some of these minerals, like sodium, are very soluble and will remain in solution despite changes in water characteristics like temperature. Other “hard” minerals, calcium and magnesium, are not very soluble in water and have the propensity to precipitate out of solution as hard mineral scale when water characteristics change.

Changes such as pressure or temperature allow hard minerals to fall out of solution in the form of hard tenacious mineral scale deposits often referred to as limescale. This is occurs most frequently in processes or equipment that heat water.

Mineral scale deposits in water-fed equipment cause many problems. In water heating equipment, scale builds up in layers on heat transfer surfaces, insulating water from efficient heat transfer resulting in higher energy costs. Scale build up also increases maintenance costs and decreases equipment life.

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Boilers & Water Heaters

Prevention of scale build-up on heating elements, walls, and bottoms of water heaters is a must. According to the U.S. Bureau of Standards, 1/4″ of scale build-up on heating elements requires 55% more energy to attain the same temperature. This translates into real dollars wasted with an inefficient water heater, not to mention the added expense of repairing and replacing overworked water heaters due to scale build-up. HydroBlend​® will not only prevent scale build-up but also remove existing scale.

In most commercial applications, periodic de-scaling of boilers and water heaters is required. This requires down-time, labor, and the storage and use of aggressive acid-based cleaning agents. In commercial applications, water softening is often not a viable water treatment choice since the initial equipment cost and space requirements are high. Furthermore, salt costs and storage space for large commercial applications are high.

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Cooling Towers

This equipment is notorious for having scale problems. HydroBlend​® will effectively prevent scaling problems on towers and clean the scale that has been allowed to build up thereby increasing the life and efficiency of the cooling tower.

HydroBlend​® offers scale prevention plus corrosion control for significantly less cost than water softening. Since the hardness of the water does not affect the rate of product usage, HydroBlend​® replacement cartridges often cost less than salt usage in water softening. The maintenance required in using HydroBlend​® is periodically glancing at the translucent product sump to check product level, and if needed occasionally cleaning the feed holes in the delivery head (2 minutes).

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Misting Systems

Misting systems used in either supermarket, agricultural, or temperature control applications are susceptible to scale build-up and clogging of the fine misting heads. This also applies to foggers and drip irrigation. HydroBlend​® effectively prevents the scaling and eventual clogging of equipment orifices. If a high pressure misting system is used, apply a ScaleStick based HydroBlend​® unit.

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RO Pretreatment

HydroBlend​® systems provide excellent pretreatment for commercial RO systems. RO membranes are susceptible to mineral scale build up that will quickly foul the membrane. Water softening is often used but this equipment takes up space and requires periodic maintenance. Replacing water softening with  HydroBlend​® system lowers project cost, saves space and lowers periodic maintenance while protecting the RO membrane from mineral scale.

When specifying HydroBlend as RO pretreatment, ensure waste water is figured into the flow rate, not just the product water rating of the RO system.

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