Water quality & equipment are key to making a great cup of coffee

 Ninety-eight percent (98%) of a cup of coffee is composed of water, so the quality of your coffee is dependent on the quality of the water.

Chlorine ruins the taste of coffee and its presence shortens pot life by accelerating coffee bitterness. Scale build-up on heating elements prevents water temperatures necessary for proper flavor extraction.

High Quality Filtered Water Delivers:

Mineral scale build up is greatly reduced allowing for proper brewing temperatures

Brewing equipment maintenance is greatly reduced

Equipment life is extended

  Taste and aroma is enhanced leading to longer pot life

Increased profits from satisfied customers


SFES PRO Beverage systems for coffee, tea and espresso applications are offered in 2 separate filter options (TOS & TOSF) and in 2 lengths (10" & 16"). All of the filters are encapsulated with the patented ScaleStick® insert Plug providing unparalleled mineral scale control.

SFES PRO filters are Quick Disconnect/Bayonet Mount cartridges. These filter cartridges are installed or removed with a 1/4 turn of the filter allowing for quick and sanitary filter changes never exposing filter internals to possible contamination.


The TOS filter systems provide chlorine removal w/ scale control utilizing standard carbon block technology that removes sediment and chlorine from the water supply improving the taste of the water and reducing possible chlorine related corrosion issues.


The TOSF filter systems utilizes a special filter that removes both sediment and chlorine but has a higher sediment loading capacity and reduced chlorine removal capacity. This is a premium product that is mostly used where the standard TOS filter plugs prematurely from excess sediment in the water supply or where lower pressure drop is important for equipment operation.