Roughly 70% of service calls on ice machines are water related.
The most frequent water related problem associated with ice machines is lime scale accumulation.

Ice is 100% water, and the vast majority of service calls on ice machines are water quality related. The three main water quality issues plaguing ice machines are lime scale accumulation, chlorine, and sediment. Both cubed and flaked ice machines suffer from the following water related problems:

  •  Scale accumulation on evaporator plate or auger reduces efficiency by slowing the freezing process requiring the compressors to run    longer.
  •  Scale accumulation causes ice to “hang up” and “bridge” in the bin.
  •  Sediment and scale deposits clog distributor tubes reducing ice harvest.
  •  Sediment and scale deposits affect the operation of the float valve, circulating pump, and purge valve.
  •  Chlorine present in municipal supplies can cause corrosion in ice bin, evaporator plate, auger, and cabinet.

Effective water filtration provides the following

Mineral scale build up responsible for increased maintenance is reduced.

Sediment that causes cloudy ice that plugs distribution tubes & float valves is removed.

Energy efficiency and ice machine life are increased while reducing costly service calls.

Chlorine taste and odor is removed (for carbon based systems) reducing potential corrosion issues.


SFES PRO Ice machine systems are offered in 3 separate filter options (SDS, TOS, & TOSF) and in 2 lengths (10" & 16"). All of the filters are encapsulated with the patented ScaleStick® insert Plug providing unparalleled mineral scale control.

SFES PRO filters are Quick Disconnect/Bayonet Mount cartridges. These filter cartridges are installed or removed with a 1/4 turn of the filter allowing for quick and sanitary filter changes never exposing filter internals to possible contamination.


The SDS filter systems provide sediment filtration w/ scale control. The 5 micron melt blown sediment filters allow for chlorine to pass through the systems helping control bacterial growth inside the ice machines where this is an issue.


The TOS filter systems provide chlorine removal w/ scale control utilizing standard carbon block technology that removes sediment and chlorine from the water supply improving the taste of the water and reducing possible chlorine related corrosion issues.


The TOSF filter systems utilizes a special filter that removes both sediment and chlorine but has a higher sediment loading capacity and reduced chlorine removal capacity. This is a premium product that is mostly used where the standard TOS filter plugs prematurely from excess sediment in the water supply or where lower pressure drop is important for equipment operation.