Great tasting drinking water and beverages tells your customers that you care about quality. The main ingredient in a fountain beverage is water, so assuring consistent water quality is critical. Removing chlorine and chloramine provides a better tasting carbonated beverage and  reduces extra syrup normally added to the drink to mask the chlorine taste and odor.

Serving table water to customers that tastes like fresh spring water rather than water from a pool also creates positive impressions to the over all dining experience.  Removing offensive chlorine/chloramine taste and odor from the water is crucial to providing your customers with high quality cold beverages.

High Quality Filtered Water Delivers:

Reduced cost since costly overcompensation of syrup is not needed to mask chlorine

A consistent high quality great tasting beverage

Higher beverage carbonation increasing effervescence helping eliminate flat drinks


SFES PRO Beverage systems for drinking water, soda and juice applications are offered in 3 separate filter options (TO, TOF, & TOC) and in 2 lengths (10" & 16"). 

Standard beverage systems combine roughly 4 parts of carbonated water to 1 part syrup concentrate (bag in boxes) to form a carbonated beverage. These traditional post mix systems usually only requires the removal of chlorine from the water supply. For sediment and chlorine removal the TO cartridges are recommended. Newer beverage systems that use a much high percentage of carbonated water and a more concentrated syrup component requires the removal of chloramine as well as chlorine when present in the water supply. For sediment, chlorine and chloramine removal, the TOC cartridges are recommended.

SFES PRO filters are Quick Disconnect/Bayonet Mount cartridges. These filter cartridges are installed or removed with a 1/4 turn of the filter allowing for quick and sanitary filter changes never exposing filter internals to possible contamination.


The TO filter systems utilize standard carbon block technology that removes sediment and chlorine from the water supply improving the taste of the drinking water, soda, and juice beverages.


The TOF filter systems utilizes a special filter that removes both sediment and chlorine but has a higher sediment loading capacity and reduced chlorine removal capacity. This is a premium product that is mostly used where the standard TO filter plugs prematurely from excess sediment in the water supply or where lower pressure drop is important for equipment operation.


The TOC filter systems utilize a catalytic carbon block technology that removes sediment, chlorine and chloramine from the water supply improving the taste of the drinking water, soda, and juice beverages.